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Here's An Advanced And Easy Approach To Complete a Professional SWOT Analysis That You Can Start Right Now

SWOT simply stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. But how do you find these and how do you know how to prioritise these for maximum effect on a business?

This advanced SWOT Analysis will show you:

  • How to find the strengths an organisation has that they can exploit against their competitors to win more customers

  • How to find weaknesses that need to be improved and ignore those that don't require investment

  • How to find all the untapped market opportunities available for a business to exploit

  • How to ensure that any threats to the business are taken account of in all action plans a business develops.

  • How to implement focused action plans based upon the analysis undertaken that ensures that any investment made in the business is targeted to pulling in additional profitable customers

  • How to use your new SWOT analysis as the foundations for your business plan

Overall, you'll now be able to show how to build a successful and sustainable business by understanding and focusing on those areas that bring in most profits (whilst ignoring tasks that take company time and provide limited results).


Receive Proven Step by Step Expert Guidance

A SWOT analysis is the first piece of analysis to be undertaken when developing a business or marketing plan.

We have over 16 years business and marketing planning experience at successful multinational companies (such as DHL, SN Brussels Airlines, Lucent Technologies) and thousands of small businesses. And we have being undertaking this analysis since 1988.

If you have started or are about to start your SWOT analysis, then the best people to learn from are those that have already done what you are attempting to do.


How Does This Benefit You ?

All traditional SWOT analysis that people develop today don't actually find the most profitable areas of a business and target markets to exploit and develop.

The trouble with following all the free advice online is they don't actually show you how to bring out the best in a business against competitors and deliver what customers want.

The right SWOT analysis is the most crucial piece of analysis you'll undertake for any business as it highlights the right areas to invest a company's limited resources into.

Do your SWOT analysis wrong, and you'll be putting expensive actions plans into place that yield minimum results.


You Can Now Get It Right - First Time

We've seen it many times before. Any company, large or small, can only really effectively develop 6-8 strategies at any one time. Any more and they won't complete any of these successfully. But many companies we've worked with try and do everything at once.

You therefore need to know those strategies that will yield the most profits and utilise time and money most effectively.

And that's why this SWOT Analysis is different from the standard, free advice. Once you've completed the analysis you'll have found 6-8 strategies you can successfully develop that will bring you maximum results.

Not just any strategies, but those that will improve a business long term, win more customers and maximise financial results.

"I chose your product simply because it was the best I found from all the research I done. Very impressive!

The guide was very easy to use and follow as well as well written and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend your products "

Paul de Rozariex , UK


Here's What You'll Learn

Our advanced 5 step approach will take you through every step developing a robust and professional SWOT analysis to maximise a company's performance. Here's what our advanced approach will show you:

  • STEP 1: Find unique strengths that need to be protected from competitors and communicated to customers

  • STEP 2: Highlight the weaknesses that really matter that a company needs to develop

  • STEP 3: Accurately pinpoint all market opportunities that have the maximum potential

  • STEP 4: Mitigate any threats to the business in a few simple steps

  • STEP 5: Pull it altogether and develop the right, targeted action plans from your analysis

In addition to taking you through this process step-by-step we have also included over 80 real life SWOT examples to stimulate your ideas and ensure your own SWOT analysis is easy to complete yet powerful for any business.


Download Today And Get These Extra Bonuses

BONUS 1: 25 proven FREE marketing ideas - To successfully launch and develop any business you'll need an effective marketing plan. We have detailed the 25 most effective marketing ideas that can be implemented for free to compliment your actions plans to get more customers and more profits.


BONUS 2: SWOT template wizard - We will show you how to develop targeted actions plans from the analysis you have developed and package it altogether in a professional document for your target audience.

The SWOT wizard is already laid out for you to simply 'plug and print' your final document.


Free Expert Support ALWAYS Available

If you need any additional help with your SWOT analysis then our experienced business experts are on hand 7 days a week, to provide prompt professional advice to your questions, via our free online business forums.

No other business planning company offers this essential free online advice service.


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