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Consultants at work Research from the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) reveals the market is worth over £10 billion per year and growing at 8% per annum. Our business plan model helps you build realistic profits for any consultancy business.

Our unique system quickly and easily enables you to prepare a professional plan tailored to your requirements. It's suitable for all consulting businesses including accounting, auditing, project management, human resources, headhunting, technology, and public relations.

Business Plan Executive Summary for the Consulting Business

Below is the summary from page one of the downloadable consultant business planning package.

Company Overview

Consulting plan forecasts

SimTech4 Limited is a newly registered company developing an independent project management and general business consulting division based in East London.

Patrick Haven owns the company and is a consultancy practitioner having managed major multi-national IT and HR projects over the past 16 years.

The Local Market

The company already has two existing medium-term contracts to supply qualified project managers to commercial organisations.

Recent market research undertaken suggests that at least 35% of the 257 companies in the two industrial parks nearby require these services.

The team of eight project managers is based just eight miles from the City of London that offers a constant stream of work.

Core Consulting Services Offered

Consultant plan table of contents

SimTech4 has four main product streams to exploit:

  • Project management for short term delivery projects.
  • Supply of interim management services.
  • Consulting services for revenue improvement.
  • In-house training courses to improve knowledge gaps.

Revenue and Profit Forecast

Revenues estimated for the first year of operation are £263,200, £425,000 for the second year and £650,000 for the third. Profits before tax will run at an average 29.5% during the course of this plan.

The office base is on a five-year leasing contract with a three-year break averaging £18,250 per year. Start-up expenditure is £15,000.

Management Team and Staff

Patrick Haven owns and manages SimTech4 with a team of experienced project managers from a wide range of industries. There are to be ten highly qualified individuals employed by the end of year three.

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