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The market for an improved healthy lifestyle via gyms, health clubs and fitness centres continues to expand having a value in excess of £4.2 billion per year.

This business plan covers all aspects of running your own club from your initial vision to opening the doors to paying customers for the first time. You can easily adapt the plan for your own venture. The package includes easy to use forecasting tools and step-by-step planning guides.

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The Executive Summary of This Business Plan

The extract is from the health club plan. The day spa and fitness centre plans also have their summaries.

The BlueSilver Club

BlueSilver Limited is a new company developing a new health and fitness club in an affluent local town offering gym membership and spa treatments.

Mrs Yvonne Stadlings owns and manages BlueSilver, and her recent experience includes opening and growing a successful day spa and manager of a national health club chain.

Her 14 years experience of growth and profitability is fundamental to the success of this venture.

The Competitive Environment

BlueSilver is targeting busy professionals aged between 18 and 45, parents of pre-school children and people who need the use of an extensive health club.

The nearest competitor offering gym facilities is 7 miles from our proposed site. The local area (within a 10 minute drive) offers a target market of 21,200 families. We estimate 7% will become paying club members within three years.

Products of the Club

The initial start-up phase offers standard gymnasium workout equipment with spa treatments added to the range from year two.

  • Yoga, aerobics and Pilates instruction.
  • A comprehensive range of gym equipment.
  • Beauty treatments.
  • General product and retail sales.
  • Pre-paid gift vouchers.

Memberships will follow the standard model having off peak, peak and corporate pricing. Members will enjoy discounts off the spa facilities and from purchasing retail products.

Financial Budget

Revenue forecasts for year one are £196,450 with net profits estimated at £3,560 due to substantial start-up costs.

In year two, the revenues are projected to triple, and profits vastly improved because the membership numbers are on target, and the fixed costs stabilised.

Staff and Management

There’ll be seven staff members initially including trainers, nutritionists, front desk and sales staff. In year two, we’ll recruit additional members of staff to run the spa side of the business. The team has start-up funds of £55,000 to fund the set-up costs and first three months cash flow.

We have found local premises that are currently used as offices. The start-up funds will partly fit-out these rooms in our branding style within four weeks. The lease is over the medium term with a three-year mutual break clause.

Contents of this plan

1) Executive Summary
2) Business Mission
3) Ownership and Location
4) External Analysis
5) SWOT Analysis
6) Planned Objectives
7) Key Action Plans
8) Management Biographies
9) Profit & Loss Account
10) Cash flow Forecast
11) Balance Sheet

Free Bonuses Included
1) 25 Free Marketing techniques
2) Financial Planning wizard
3) Step-by-step Planning guide
4) Free Online Support
5) Comprehensive start-up guide

What Will You Receive?

  • Three completed business plans.
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  • Comprehensive financial statements and narrative.
  • Marketing, sales and pricing plans.
  • Free “start-up”, “Get customers” & finance guides.
  • 90 day Money-back guarantee.
  • Accepted by banks for all finance applications.

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