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The estimated market growth for traditional and online recruiting businesses over the next three years is 14.52%. If you’re starting up or expanding your recruitment business, then this professional business plan will help you achieve your objectives.

Created by leading planning consultants, this plan assists all types of employment agencies successfully develop their businesses. Use it for executive headhunting, online CV matching services or traditional recruitment of permanent staff, contract workers, temporary and part-time staff.

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The Executive Summary of This Business Plan

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Overview of Office Hunters Limited

Office Hunters is a new recruitment agent consulting business based in a busy city centre. Thomas Richards established the business and has nine year’s experience of managing three successful agencies.

The premises are currently used by another hiring agency and are close to the road, bus and rail networks.

Market Size and Opportunities

The local area has two large business parks housing 78 small to medium sized businesses. There are three national headquarter buildings within four miles and the local economy is growing faster than the UK average.

Market research suggests over 375 vacancies are advertised and recruited on an annual basis.

There are two other agencies in the area specialising in contract and temporary staff. Office Hunters will fill the gap in the market for permanent professionals, administration staff and the provision for senior management headhunting.

We believe that within three years, our expertise will enable us to penetrate 35% of the market.

Services Offered by the Business

We’ll offer the following core services from our high street offices:

  • Permanent recruitment and placement of business professionals.
  • Contract and temporary recruitment and placement.
  • Senior personal headhunting services.

Professional employment covers accountants, legal, marketing, general management, project management and operations. Our core target market is middle to senior level managers.

Forecast Margins and Revenues

Revenues projected in year one are £265,000 with this increasing by 42% for the subsequent two years as relationships and the business develops.

We forecast the net profits of the business to be 28% before tax and interest. The Director will invest £60,000 into the business and the plan requires a further £70,000 from bank finance.

The office space has a lease for ten years with a three-year break.

Management and Staffing Requirements

In year one, there’ll be a requirement for three executive consultants managing the recruitment and one administration assistant. Mr Richards will work full time in the business. In both years two and three an additional consultant will join the business.

Contents of this plan

1) Executive Summary
2) Business Mission
3) Ownership and Location
4) External Analysis
5) SWOT Analysis
6) Planned Objectives
7) Key Action Plans
8) Management Biographies
9) Profit & Loss Account
10) Cash flow Forecast
11) Balance Sheet

Free Bonuses Included
1) 25 Free Marketing techniques
2) Financial Planning wizard
3) Step-by-step Planning guide
4) Free Online Support
5) Comprehensive start-up guide

Package Details & Benefits

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