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Business Plan for Gardening Services

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This £4bn industry continues to grow at approximately 3.4% per year with 16,577 businesses employing over 61,000 people throughout the UK. The industry covers all customers including households, the public sector, and commercial organisations.

Plan your new business utilising the Teneric gardening business plan. This complete document covers all disciplines in this industry including basic lawn care provision (such as a Green Thumb or Nice-N-Stripy franchise), seasonal garden maintenance, and hard landscaping services.

Gardening Business Plan Summary

The executive summary below is taken directly from the completed plan. See the example link below to download in Word.

Hillingborough Maintenance Services Overview

Garden forecast sales and profit graph

Hillingborough Limited is a new company formed to provide professional design and implementation services including lawn cutting, fencing, shrub planting and general maintenance.

Daniel Sanders manages the company with his partner Graeme Warwick, who have 17 years' combined experience in this competitive industry.

Target Customers

Our three main segments are single professionals, couples and families between the ages of 25 to 65 who require a reliable solution.

We're also targeting business contracts within a radius of 10 miles who require weekly care of their flower beds and lawns.

The local town has a mixture of housing in a semi-affluent area. There is one other local business that targets the higher end of the market with low to mid-priced housing dealt with in the main town competitor some 15 miles away. Hillingborough will concentrate on this gap in the market that is not served well at all for housing in the price range of £125,000 to £300,000.

Key Services Offered

Landscape plan table of contents

The business has three main areas of expertise for residential and business premises:

  • Hard landscaping including new patios, retaining walls, rockeries, decking, driveways & fencing.
  • Tree surgery for large trees requiring containment and general pruning of smaller hedges.
  • Lawn care, grass cutting, weeding and general maintenance.

Maintenance services are usually not required through the winter months. Some hard building services will also be reduced during this period although design, planning, driveway cleaning, tree pruning, lawn scarifying, and aerating are still in high demand.

Forecast Sales and Margins

The first-year revenues are predicted to £224,000 increasing by 13% for years two and three. Gross margins are forecast to be 32%.

Initial start-up costs to equip the business are £3,000 with a van purchased via a three-year lease. The majority of the costs are labour with materials purchased from a wholesaler and marked up by 50%.

Staffing Requirements

Daniel Sanders and Graeme Warwick own and manage the company and employ three general labourers during the peak season.

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