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There are various ways to launch a new business online. The internet provides a low start up cost environment for both part-time and full-time careers.

The Teneric internet product guides you through preparing a professional business plan for all types of online businesses including e-commerce platforms, eBay stores, traditional bricks and mortar stores and simple brochure websites.

Summary Statement for the Internet Plan

Detailed below is the executive summary taken from the product that is also available in a Word document (see below).

Rowlings Online Start-up Services

Revenues and profits for the internet business

Rowlings Limited is a new company developing an online concept providing tuition and guidance for small business owners.

Timothy Jenkins and Catherine Rowlings have funded the company and have directorships with three current successful businesses. Their current portfolio generates £3.8 million in sales with a profit of £634,500 per year.

The Target Customer Market

The current business strategy offers a new monthly paid subscription website with access to trial services to showcase the elements offered.

The site contains every aspect of starting and managing a successful business from the beginnings to an exit strategy. These include access to discounted start-up investment funds, a discount club on utilities and insurance together with an advanced section to provide mentoring and coaching skills.

Services Provided by Rowlings Ltd

Internet plan table of contentsRowlings are providing four core services in the first 18 months:

  • Membership subscriptions for the paid services.
  • Premium subscription services for the business mentor programme.
  • Commissions from recommended third party services.
  • Shareholdings in a number of successfully funded start-ups.

These services are supplemented by advertising and sponsorship for the trial and free products with additional membership levels introduced at the beginning of year two targeted at university students.

Services will be provided to high street businesses as well as internet professionals operating traditional online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Financial Summary

Projected revenues from membership fees for the first 12 months are £130,000 with premium services at £76,000 and commissions £12,000.

Year two budgets are £290,000, £185,000 and £28,000 with year three at £540,000, £274,000 and £45,000 respectively. Gross profits are estimated to be £10,000 in year one rising to £230,000 in year three.

Ownership and Staffing Requirements

Timothy Jenkins and Catherine Rowlings own and run the day to day management of the business.

Design and technical investment is being outsourced. There are two other staff members who manage the online access, telephone helpline and content development. Initial investment provided by the owners is £45,000 with £123,000 required by bank finance.

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