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Mobile Phone Shop Business Plan

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Create a winning business plan for your start-up mobile phone shop business in no time at all with this exclusive online planning system. This £3bn industry employs over 15,000 people in the UK with companies reporting an annual growth of 18%.

The plan is developed specifically for franchised mobile phone shops, cell phone stores or simply concessions in service stations, department stores or other third party outlets. The plan is easy to adapt for your venture because the primary document is Microsoft Word-based, with the finances in Excel.

Phone Shop Business Plan Executive Summary

This summary is taken directly from the Mobile Phone Shop business plan that you can download online below.

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Company Summary

SimBiz Trading has been incorporated to develop and run a new mobile phone shop in a busy high street. Currently, there is no independent store offering this service. Being first to market will provide a high return for our venture.

Competitive Market Place

The local environment is vibrant, and although we represent all the main networks, SimBiz has seen an opportunity for a gap in the market as no independent operator exists. We aim to offer personal and business products on contract and Pay As You Go (PAYG) tariffs for smartphones and tablet computers.

The closest competitor is 6.2 miles from our proposed store location but doesn't sell the full network range. We'll operate seven days a week during usual shopping hours to take advantage of weekend shoppers.

Core Product Services

Contents of the mobile plan

Our shop compares all the major networks. To gain market share, we'll offer unbeatable subsidised deals to entice people to sign up. Our core offerings to new and existing customers are:

  • Contract tariffs from all networks.
  • PAYG tariffs from all networks.
  • Phone accessories such as covers, chargers, and headsets.

Projected Sales and Profit Margins

The bulk of our revenues come from commissions from the network operators. Our major costs are the subsidisation charges that we need to provide to offer our unbeatable deals.

Revenues forecasted for the first year of operation are £2.77m. Net sales after paying subsidies of £2.6m are £157,000.

Net profit in the first year is £26,152 (including start-up costs) before tax increasing to £136,522 in the third year. The profit figure stated is before director's drawings and dividends. Before the end of the first year, the company will repay the director's loan account.

Start-up Costs and Ownership

SimBiz Limited is a new company set up and run by Mr Simon Wilson, who has successfully run and managed previous franchise businesses in this sector.

The premises have been secured on a medium term let for 15 years with a rent review every five years. Mr Wilson will invest £35,000 to cover the initial start-up costs and cash flow requirements.

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