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Child Care & Nursery School Business Plan

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You can now quickly and easily create your own professional business plan for your new childcare business with this comprehensive downloadable package.

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You can use it for all types of preschool businesses including nursery schools, kindergarten classes and full-time daycare for children aged up to five years old. It covers all business activities including how to build profits.

Child Care Plan Executive Summary

The information below is taken directly from the business plan you can download online now.

Summary and Overview

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Littleuns Child Care Limited is a new company providing extensive childcare facilities to the under fives (preschool age).

Mrs. Jane Smith founded Littleuns Child Care, who has eight year's kindergarten experience managing a similar nursery at the local independent school.

The market and Business

The main market sectors targeted are parents with preschool age children. This group are working full-time and require a respected and trusted organisation to take care of their children during the working day.

Littleuns will also develop the initial educational requirements required by Ofsted. The children should achieve above average grades before attending their first reception class.

Core Revenue Streams

Nursery plan structure

Littleuns will have three main revenue streams:

  • Core childcare during the working day from 08:00 to 18:00.
  • Pick up and delivery service from homes or places of work.
  • Childrens' meals for breakfast, lunch and tea time.

The core service is the first item. The others are to generate additional income for the company.

Revenues and Profitability

Revenues forecasted for the first year of operation are £282,240. Profits are forecast to be £88,000 before interest, tax and Mrs. Smith's salary.

Revenues are forecast to increase by 7-8% per year with profits also following that trend.

The premises are secured and purchased by way of a mortgage. Mrs. Smith is also investing an additional £45,000 into the company to cover the initial start-up costs. The financial cash flow forecast includes repayment of these costs within the first year.

Management and Staffing Levels

Littleuns is a new company wholly owned and run by Mrs. Smith. There is an additional eight nursery staff recruited to satisfy the government ratios of 1:4 for two-year-olds and 1:8 for over three years of age.

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