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Marketing for Coffee Shops

The Interior of a Coffee Shop

Every high street has an abundance of cafes and coffee shops, so how can you stand how from the crowd? Effective marketing ensures your business is the one people visit the most and spend more on average.

Targeting the right offers correctly is one important element. These include pricing, the quality of the coffee served, the speed of service and up-sells in the form of food and take-outs. You'll find these strategies and more in our exclusive coffee shop marketing plan you can read online today.

Marketing Structure

Structure your creative ideas into the following categories to improve your long-term profit projections:

Pricing Strategies

Does price really matter in your area between brand loyal customers? Would lowering your price improve the volume of customers whilst delivering more overall profits? Would your competitors reduce their prices to compete?


The location of your coffee shop is critical as most customers are passing trade. Ensure it's near to local businesses for lunch-time trade.

Food Versus Coffee

Many customers will visit for breakfast or lunch and purchase a drink as a secondary item. Providing a reasonable range of takeaway and eat-in food brings in customers you might otherwise not have had.

Improving Profits

Most large chains have immense buying power to reduce their costs. If you're an independent retailer could you source locally? Could you be part of a buying group to take advantage of lower prices?

Marketing Ideas

Here are some ideas you can use to bring additional customers into your shop:

  • Team up with a local newspaper to run a competition to win free coffee for a month to raise awareness in your local community. Be sure to add terms and conditions to limit the offer to one per day.
  • Always offer some form of reward scheme. For example, reward cards offering the six drink free keeps loyalty amongst your customers. Keep ahead of your competitors by beating the loyalty card scheme they offer.
  • Get social with Twitter, Facebook and traditional email marketing. Promote your social profile and grab customers' email addresses to send them special offers.
  • Stand outside of your shop and give away samples to people passing by your premises. To encourage them inside, also offer them a discount voucher on any purchases.
  • If you have room then why not create a child-friendly area for mums with pre-school children? Perhaps you could create a suitable play area with soft furnishings to create a homely feel.
  • Open early to attract people going to work and other passing trade when other shops are closed.

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