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The key to success for a hair salon business is to have a full appointment book and regular repeat customers. A busy salon with the right pricing strategy will thrive and robust marketing strategies will continue to feed your sales funnel over time.

If you are struggling to expand or have gaps in your day then an up to date marketing plan can help. Below are some tips you can immediately use which are all contained in our online package.

Questions to Answer

Segmenting Your Customers

If you provide services for men and women of all ages you may want to segment these into groups and locate the most profitable revenue streams. Then you can target specific promotions to the group that generates you most profit.

Onsite Purchases

Most people want to use the products in your salon in their own homes. How many people take product away with them? Can you improve the percentage of sales in this area? Any additional sales made add 100% profit to your bottom line.

Competitive Pricing?

Ask yourself why you are the cheapest or most expensive outlet in your vicinity? Is this strategy encouraging or alienating potential customers? Being the same as the competition won't differentiate your offerings in a crowded market place.

Ambience and Goodwill

Offering a coffee and magazine whilst waiting is standard practice but could you do more to set yourselves apart?

Promotional Activities

Use the following marketing ideas to target potential customers into your salon:

  • Use local public relations effectively for special events. For example: you have been in business for ten years, you have celebrity clients, or you are running a promotion or special offer. Journalists will help you craft a story if you have something different to say.
  • Utilise discounts and offers liberally especially with the local free newspapers that are delivered each week. A simple discount is standard but offering sample products, seasonal gifts, tenth hair cut free will all entice prospective customer to try your services.
  • Offer your current customers a discount if they introduce a new customer. The new customer should also be offered an incentive as part of this "member get member" scheme.
  • Utilise your shop window for offers rather than just have pictures of models. Promotions should be limited for a period of time and, for example, the next 20 customers.
  • Work with other businesses to promote each other.

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