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"How To Quickly And Easily Complete Your Retail Marketing Plan To Launch Products & Maximise Your Profits..."

Everyone knows that marketing is essential to communicate a business effectively to its customers. Effective marketing helps a business sell more of its existing products, launch new products to the marketplace, and to maximise revenues and profits.

Marketing Plan Mistakes

But creating a marketing plan that actually achieves those goals can seem a daunting and arduous task. Here are some of the common mistakes business owners make when completing their marketing plans:

  • Mistake #1: Not targeting the right customers. Although many businesses “think” they know their customers, in many instances this is not the case. Not everyone wants your products, so it’s a waste of time and money to attempt to target them all.
  • Mistake #2: Not understanding customer needs. The biggest element of marketing is thoroughly understanding what your potential customers want. Make mistakes here, and you’ll develop a product people don’t want – and your sales will be minimal.
  • Mistake #3: Customers that don’t know about your product. So you know what your customers want, and you have developed the perfect product or service, but ensuring your customers and prospects know about it is, of course, elementary. So many companies use the wrong communication channels and fail to let their target customers know that their product is available.
  • Mistake #4: Poor communication messages. The actual words you use in your marketing messages are crucial. Not just what you write but the way you write them. Everyone knows that only benefits sell and not features – but extracting the benefits that are going to turn your prospects into paying customers is perhaps the hardest part of marketing.
  • Mistake #5: Over ambitious projections. Everyone thinks their new products will grow exponentially in the first 12 months but in reality this is rarely the case. Your marketing plan must show a realistic path to profitability that proves your actual revenues and profits are comparable with your written plan.
  • Mistake #6: An inability to sell your plan. Having a consultant prepare your plan may save you a headache, but it is you who needs to explain to your sponsors every question they have about your plan. You need to understand everything that you write in your plan.

How To Ensure That You Don't Make Those Mistakes .... Use This Already Complete Marketing Plan

You can now complete your retail marketing plan in the knowledge that you won’t make any of the mistakes above. You can download a fully completed retail marketing plan right now and simply tailor it for your own business.

By using this already completed plan you…

  • Save time and money because you can start your own plan right now based directly on an industry standard and complete marketing plan.
  • Immediately see the exact contents required in your own marketing plan.
  • Properly present your plan in the exact format professionals prefer and support for approval and for any finance you may be seeking.
  • Learn profit attracting strategies from a plan specifically developed for a real retail business.
  • Accelerate your own plan completion by simply customising this Microsoft Word professional plan for your own business.
  • Start your marketing plan immediately because you can access and download this plan online right now.

“I Completed My Marketing Plan
In Less Than 24 Hours”

“I needed to put together a marketing plan quickly.

The plan was specific to my industry, so it was easy for me to edit and personalise. This saved me time and meant I could get the plan in front of my sponsors within 24 hours.”

– James Squires

Written By A Leading Marketing Expert

This Retail Marketing Plan has been written exclusively for Teneric Marketing Ltd by Peter Hale, one of the UK’s leading marketing planning experts.

Peter, a Qualified Member of the Institute of Marketing, is the former Global Marketing Director for DHL and now assists small business owners maximise their full profit potential through effective marketing strategies.

He has written this plan specifically for a retail business to plan and market the business for the next three years. This plan, together with his professional business marketing wizard tools, can be downloaded online right now.

What's Included In This Retail Marketing Plan?

Comprehensive Financials

  • Three years sales, costs and profit projections.
  • Forecasts are by product.
  • Required investment costs.

Sales and Marketing

  • The products and services offered.
  • Market background and research.
  • Pricing and margin strategy.
  • Required sales by product to reach profit objectives.
  • Specific target customer groups and demographics.
  • A full comprehensive marketing communications plan.

People Management

  • Management team and staffing levels.
  • Recruitment and cost plan.
  • Owners’ background.

Objectives and Plans

  • Mission statement and strategy.
  • SWOT analysis planning.
  • Specific actions plans for the next 12 months.

Professional and 100% Customisable Format

  • Packaged in the format banks prefer.
  • 100% editable Microsoft Word document.
  • Easily adapt the plan for your own retail business.

Who Is This Retail Marketing Plan For?

Retail Start-ups

If you’re thinking of starting a new retail business, then you need to finalise your marketing plan before you start your business.

This will enable you to know precisely what you need to sell in order to hit your profit objectives. Get the knowledge you have down on paper, and you’ll be able to see what it takes to maximise your financial results.

Retail Businesses Needing Finance

Every bank will require a business and marketing plan before they even entertain the idea of lending finance. What if you could go to your bank with your business and marketing plan already written?

You’ll be confident of your plans and financial projections, and you’ll inspire your bank manager with your business acumen. You’re more likely to receive funding if you prepare in advance.

Frustrated Retail Business Owners

If your retail business is not performing to your high expectations, then re-planning your business objectives and marketing plans will help improve your results.

This will highlight new customer and market opportunities and provide renewed focus to generate additional profits. We’ve made this an easy and straight forward task for you with this marketing plan package.

Experienced Retail Business Owners

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in business to learn more. Once you’ve gone through this retail marketing plan and learned how to improve customer targeting, you’ll be able to increase your profits and build your business even further.

Free Professional Support Always Available

If you need any additional help with your retail marketing plan our experienced business experts are on hand seven days a week. They’ll provide prompt unlimited professional advice to any questions you may have via our free online business forums.

No other marketing planning company offers this essential free online advice service.

Download Today And Get These Extra Free Bonuses

We’ll also include a comprehensive Bonus ‘Toolbox’ of FIVE marketing planning products free of charge. Hundreds of pages of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets with templates to help you write your Retail Marketing Plan. Here’s the bonuses in more detail:

BONUS 1 – Fast-track Marketing Plan Guide

Our marketing plan guide comes highly recommended from small business owners and has won praise from BusinessLink advisors.

Proven step-by-step marketing plan guide.
50 A4 pages of expert guidance.
Over 250 examples to use.
Marketing communications guide.
Develop your action plans.
SWOT guide.

BONUS 2 – Marketing Plan Template Wizard

So you can produce your own plan in the correct format we provide you with an interactive planning template that you just fill in your data and print off your completed plan.

BONUS 3 – Financial Planning Wizard

The easy to use financial planning wizard forecasts your products for three years on a monthly basis. It manages your sales, costs and profits for up to 12 products or services (more if required).

From your basic information, the wizard automatically produces your Cashflow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. You can keep updating the spreadsheet until your forecast profits are right for you.

BONUS 4 – Branding and Communications Guide

This guide shows you step-by-step how to brand your products and services for maximum impact – an essential element of any marketing plan. We also show you how to communicate your products and services in 25 different ways. For example, how to write a press release to promote your retail venture. And we show you how to undertake all these methods for free.


You’ll also receive details of a very powerful mystery bonus that will further assist you in getting results fast for your business.

Our Guarantee To You

If you order the Retail Marketing Plan and can’t launch your venture effectively or get new customers, then send your plan to us, and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Use the Retail Marketing Plan for a week or try it for a month.

Try it up to one whole year.

We know it can take time to get your plan approved or to implement marketing campaigns. That’s why we give you a whole year, just in case you need it.

“Best money I have spent this year”

“I must congratulate you on such a wonderful product.

I just recently purchased marketing plan pro which cost me £99, but found the samples not that good and the information required too in-depth.

I have been trying to write a marketing plan for the last couple of weeks now, but I kept on banging my head against a brick wall with frustration.

But, with thanks to your samples and instruction documents, I have now just completed a marketing plan that I am totally happy with. That was probably the best bit of money I have spent this year.”

– Rob Harris

How Much Is a Winning Marketing Plan Worth To You?

By using the Retail Marketing Plan on your business, you can benefit from our 20 years experience of perfecting marketing plans that always secure new business and improve business performance.

In the Retail Marketing Plan you’ll see exactly what’s required for your own business plan, the exact contents and the exact format that your sponsors are demanding.

To get access to all this crucial information, and the benefit of years of research and experience, would normally cost hundreds of pounds.

A consultant will charge upwards of £500 because that’s what people will pay for specialised knowledge and instruction.

Download Your Copy Right Now

The Retail Marketing Plan and all bonus products can be downloaded online right now. We’ve made downloading really simple – but if you have any problems just contact us.

You can use the Retail Marketing Plan in any country in the world (and it’s currently in use in 47 countries including the UK, USA, France, Singapore, Australia, Germany and Canada).

Download the Plan

This price is a strictly limited time offer available for 100 copies only.

Special offer: Only £29.95

Instant Online Download


“I needed to put together a long-term business plan to cover all aspects of my new venture. I read a lot of books and attended courses, but I was struggling. Then I came across Teneric and suddenly it was all there in a format I could use and in terminology I could understand. After that, it was plain sailing to the Business Department at my local HSBC Bank”

Jill Shilcock, Managing Director, SEAS Education Advisory Service Limited.

“I wanted ideas for the type of information that needed covering in a business plan, and this gave me a template for the document I submitted to the bank. The business loan we were after was approved. If you have never written a business plan before, then I would recommend your product. It was very straightforward and offered some good advice.”

Gordon Mitchell, UK

“I needed a business plan quickly. The template was easy to use, just fill in the blanks on the wizard and refer to the help guide if I wasn't sure. Your system is good value, and I would recommend them to everyone needing a plan. Attached is the basic plan I threw together in a day for the bank. They specifically wanted cash flow projections, and the Excel spreadsheets were really what I was after from your product.”

John Waterhouse, UK