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With a buoyant economy, the demand for recruitment services is improving. Utilising standard and advanced marketing techniques your business can thrive in providing permanent and temporary staffing positions.

By planning strategies and actions plans, your recruitment agency can win business from your competitors whilst improving margins and profits with the right promotional and communication activities.

Strategic Marketing

Integrating strategy and marketing together creates a marketing vision that's hard to beat!

Who Are You Targeting?

What grade or level of staff are you recruiting for, and why? Perhaps you would perform better specialising in a niche or expanding into other areas?

Contract or Permanent?

More companies are requiring short term contract or temporary staff which provide higher margins and are faster to fill as a vacancy. Could you expand your business in this area?

Terms and Prices

Most companies charge the same percentage for any vacancy. By charging less could you generate more volume? Could you charge more but maintain your current volumes?

Proactive Marketing

Many companies do not have a long term relationship with recruitment companies and contact them when a vacancy arises. Could you develop relationships with local businesses?

Example Tactics

Here are some example activities you could undertake to generate new business relationships.

  • Speak with your largest current customer groups and offer them an incentive to recruit prospects for your company. Provide them with introductory discounts they can offer their business colleagues.
  • To promote loyalty amongst your customers, offer them a discount on their tenth placement. This scheme will maintain volume, and keep your customers for longer.
  • Liaise with local trade organisations to be the preferred supplier for recruitment. Offer them an exclusive discount for promoting your services. You then get access to their membership portfolio from one arrangement.
  • Develop simple flyers to distribute to local Human Resources departments in local businesses. Hand deliver with a business card to make the initial contacts.
  • Participate in recruitment fairs to generate new contacts. Even if you feel it's a waste of time, those contacts could help you in the future.

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