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New store openingStart planning your new retailing concept with this exclusive business plan. High street and shopping centre stores developed correctly still provide a profitable venture for most entrepreneurs.

This professionally developed sample plan works for any type of retail business that sell products in a traditional bricks and mortar store. The plan has been used to open clothing, children's toy and game shops, hardware and DIY units, convenience stores and stationery outlets.

Summary of this Retail Business Plan Document

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The Business Concept

Bricks and mortar sales and profits graph

This business plan is for a new retail concept in the high street locally primarily selling women's clothes, accessories and fashion homewares.

Nathalies Limited is a trading incorporated company requiring an initial investment for stock and working capital for the first six months.

The company is spearheaded by Nathalie Yielding a successful seasoned business woman who has three similar stores in neighbouring towns.

The Nathalies Brand

This venture is a continuation of a proven concept under the "Nathalies" brand. The current stores generate £951,000 sales and £184,000 profits between them on an annual basis.

The brand targets women between the ages of 21 to 59 providing a unique "boutique" environment selling items from less known designers. The new store will additionally offer unique silver; platinum and gold jewellery collections sourced from designers in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, which will be exclusive to this shop.

The niche has limited competition, and the closest real competitor is in the city centre with prices approximately 28% higher than ours due to the increased costs of operation.

Store plan contents

Products Sold in Store

Nathalies will primarily sell limited stock of designer clothing complemented by fashion accessories:

  • Designer collections from up and coming designers graduated from the University of Arts degree programmes.
  • Smaller stocks from well-known designers.
  • Fashion accessories such as hats, scarves, shoes and coats.
  • Jewellery pieces including bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and belts.

Financial Projections

Gross sales for this shop in the first year of operations are forecast to be £343,000 growing at 29.5% for the subsequent two years. Net margins based on current experience will be 19.3% slightly increasing over time.

The directors will be introducing £80,000 into the business. The investment requirements are for an additional £209,500 to cover shop fittings, initial stock and working capital in the first nine months.

Managers and Shop Assistants

Staffing required for this shop are one manager and two assistants. The shop will be open seven days per week 10am to 6pm. A part-time assistant will cover holidays and sickness.

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