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Customer Testimonials

Below are just some of the comments from our customers.

"I Received Funding Straight Away."

“I haven’t had a chance to let you know how I got along with your business plan template. I’m delighted to tell you that I got the funding from my bank straight away.

They said it was one of the best plans they had seen for years.

Prior to using your business plan format I was turned down by four different lenders. This time round I had four offers – all unsecured!”

Trevor Lightburn

"Impressed by investment professionals."

“I just completed my plan and it was reviewed by my advisory team – they thought it was excellent, particularly being my first write to them.

This team of business writers view thousands of business plans before they recommend them to investors for funding.

The group was very impressed with mine.”

Richard Graves 
American Medical Supply Co. Inc

"I Completed My Business Plan In Less Than 24 Hours."

“I needed to put together a business plan quickly.

The plan was specific to my industry, so it was easy for me to edit and personalise. This software saved me time and meant I could get the plan in front of my lenders within 24 hours.

The most useful section was the P&L, Cash Flow Forecast and Balance Sheet, which I just slotted my figures into and saved me hours of grief!

I would recommend the business plan tool to anyone who wants a professional result with minimum hassle.”

James Squires

"I Now Feel Very Confident in Business Planning."

“I decided to buy your guides in order for me to obtain sound professional advice on how I can set up my own real estate business/estate agency.

The guides finally put paid to my great anxiety and seemingly endless procrastination to sit down and come up with a viable business plan.

The guides constitute a practical, user-friendly and down-to-heart manual for business starters. It contains the essential components of a fundable business plan. Indeed, access to the guides has resulted in a sudden illumination for me.

In view of their added value, I now feel very confident in business planning and well equipped for risk taking. I will stop at nothing to faithfully recommend them to prospective business starters that may come my way.

Thank you so much.”

Dr. Jacob Babarinde, MRICS
Chartered Surveyor.

"Easily Understood, Simple to Work with and Totally Comprehensive."

“Hi Peter,
I bought your excellent guide to assist in the planning for a retail venture that my wife and I are considering.

I was most impressed with the product: easily understood, simple to work with and totally comprehensive. I run a business with a turnover of over £10m, and I am used to preparing business and marketing plans, but I have to say that your guide has given me a lot to think about.

Recommend your products? I would say that anybody attempting to start up a business venture without at least some of your products is missing a great opportunity.

Running a business is all about planning, measuring and controls. Without ’em it simply will have no proper chance of survival.

For a very modest outlay, you are giving people the help and direction that is vital. A great investment.”

Nick Gilchrist
Precor Ltd

"The Best Product in the Market."

“I chose your product simply because it was the best I found from all the research I did. Very impressive!

It enabled me to understand the values of a business plan and how to utilise it. It is not just a document produced to satisfy the bank. I now believe a good business plan should regularly be updated and act as a business bible.

The guide was very easy to use and follow as well as well written and easy to understand.

I would definitely recommend your products.”

Paul de Rozariex
Right Place Recruitment Limited

"I Could not Have Done this Without your Help."

“Hi Peter
First may I say that I am very impressed with the business plan set up that I purchased from you.

As I have now completed my business plan and presented it to the bank, I could not have done this without your help.

I will most certainly keep in touch as I value your support. Your set up is a credit, and I would recommend it to other users.”

Cliff Golden
Golden Shine Cleaning Services

Praised by BusinessLink.

“The business plan produced using your planning product was examined in detail by a panel of five professionals from Business link, Coventry Council, CV1 and a property management consultancy. They all commented on how professional and informative the layout, structure and contents were.

As a result of this I have obtained a 25% non-repayable lease grant for one year, plus 50% financed towards any required capital improvements to the property.”

Dave Borrell

"Written in a Way that Anyone can Understand."

“I bought your guide to help ease the stress of writing a business plan from scratch.

It solved completing a business plan in a format that is acceptable to the outside world.

The guide was fairly straight forward and written in a way that anyone can understand.

Your products are good value for money and yes I would recommend them.”

Lindsay Barthram
Saturn Legal Limited

"It Met All My Requirements."

“Thanks for the product. It was useful in projecting the right image for my company. I needed a more professional looking business plan, and your product met my requirements. I will recommend this to all.”

David Emedo

"You Provide What You Say You Will."

“This is excellent and informative but concise, with obviously educated suggestions but avoids jargon, and the template, marketing advice and samples are great.

Thanks for providing a site that actually supplies what it said it would, how refreshing! ” 

John Harding, UK

"I Now Understand More About my Business."

“I’m opening a small business and needed help with the business plan. It gave me a guide to follow when doing the plan and made me realize that a lot of research needed undertaking.

The property that we were looking at turned out to be too big and needed to look around a little more. But, I’ll have a business plan when I need to go for the property and loan and don’t feel like I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Dallas, UK

"Clear, Well Structured and Value For Money."

“I bought the guide to help structure my daughters thought processes of putting a plan together. I have been doing business plans for years, but I felt that your guide was clear and well structured for her and the type of business she has. (And sometimes it is better to have someone else tell them than dad! – If you have kids you will probably understand what I mean).

The product was excellent, and I have used several elements for my business plan.

I believe its good value for money and I have already recommended it to a few colleagues.”

A Morrisson , UK

"My Loan was Approved."

“I wanted ideas for the type of information required in a business plan and this gave me a template for the business plan I submitted to the bank. The bank approved the business loan we were after.

The guide was very straight forward. It gave me pointers for areas I had not considered.

If you have never written a business plan before, then I would recommend your product. It was very straight forward and offered some good advice.”

Gordon Mitchell, UK

"It Solved All My Problems."

“I bought the Business Plan Express guide as it was value for money. It solved all my problems as I did not know how to get started and how to go about doing so. The guide is very easy to follow, and you end up with very professional results. This product is definitely value for money, and I have already recommended it to family & friends.”

Melody Curate, Sheffield, UK

"I'm Ready for my Bank Manager."

I have now completed my plan and must say I found the template extremely useful. I guess I knew all the information that should be in there, but it is great to start with a proven plan. I have just finished the agenda for this morning’s meeting with our Bank Manager.

Ann Laing UK

"Descriptive and Precise."

I bought the guide for writing a business plan for an existing and growing business; it seemed the most reasonable one I could find.

The main problem was what headings to use and what the contents of those were. Your annotations were descriptive and concise. The guide was very easy to use.

.If I need help with any more reports; your website will be the first place to look.

Dean Barker

"Very Relevant."

“It is indeed a very relevant product and we are very pleased with it. As for value for money, it’s a great price.”

M.Faria, Intel Logistics.

Money Well Spent.

“I found the purchase to be very useful indeed …. money well spent.”

S.Richardson, UK

"Very Professional."

“I used the package to present a Business Plan to the major shareholders of a £20m Recruitment Group for the position of a Director within the Group.

They all commented on how the presentation was very professional and I am now in the fortunate position of deciding which of two posts to take within their group of companies.

The package gave me a very good template for my business plan that I then top-and-tailed. Your product is certainly value for money, and well worth the £40 that I paid to secure a six-figure job!”

Shaun C, UK

"£120,000 Loan Secured."

“We have raised £120,000 through the government’s small business loan guarantee scheme using the Express guide.”


“I am right now doing a SWOT analysis as we are introducing a new service in our company. Hence, I have purchased your course as I found it very useful to me.”

PV, Singapore

“It is hard to find specific directional tools for developing marketing plans. Your marketing guide was well designed and helped identify areas of focus. The practical tips helped the most.”

I would recommend Teneric products to those needing help to develop a marketing plan.”

From D.Murray, USA

“My daughter works in business development, and I wanted something to give her a guideline towards our new marketing plan, and this will suit well.”

From KB, UK

“I needed a basic business plan quickly. It was cheap, and the template was easy to use, just fill in the blanks on the wizard and refer to the help guide if I wasn’t sure. Good value and yes I would recommend them.

Attached is the basic plan I threw together in a day for the bank. They specifically wanted cash flow projections, and the Excel spreadsheets were what I was after from your product.”

John Waterhouse, UK