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Online Business Plan Training Course

Over 120,000 people have so far taken this online tutorial and developed successful business plans to start their new venture.

There is no charge for taking and completing our training modules. The course takes you through our proven planning framework and includes a useful planning template to realise your ideas.

The Composition of the Tutorials

The training is structured into seven easy to follow lessons. Each lesson deals with a particular topic area required in a business plan.

The first lesson comes with a Microsoft Word document that’s pre-formatted for you to fill in the blanks from the knowledge you gain from this tutorial. Here are the course modules:

Why Should You Write a Plan at All?

Most companies or individuals only begin to think about business plan when someone asks them to complete such a document. Usually it’s a bank to apply for a start-up loan or another lender for working capital. But, there are good reasons as to why everyone should have at least a path to where they’re heading.

Various research studies show that:

  • More companies stay profitable for longer.
  • The owners of the business understand the tactical plans to achieve their longer-term objectives.
  • Non-financial and non-marketing people should begin to have an improved understanding of these critical areas of the company.
  • You’ll be able to communicate your ideas to others in a structured manner.

Additionally, you’ll have a plan to track progress against and see what’s working and what elements need adjusting to achieve your financial goals.

Preparation and Data Gathering

Check the initial data you need in this business plan preparation guide and fill in the knowledge gaps. Most research and supporting information should be readily available from your own or third-party sources. You’ll see what’s required, where to obtain it, and tips on accessing hard-to-find research.

How to Market Your Business

You’ll learn how to send important communication and promotional messages to new and existing customers to improve buying patterns. Implementing a marketing strategy correctly ensures your business stays ahead of your competitors.

Accounting For All Costs

Managing your expenses in the initial phases of a startup venture is essential to maximise profits. You’ll see all the types of costs and expenses you need to account for in your financial forecasts.

Securing Forms of Business Finance

Most entrepreneurs develop their plans to obtain a method of funding. This lesson details what’s available and how to access investment for new and existing businesses. See how to raise £100,000 for your business venture now!

Attaining Your Planning Goals

The above modules help develop a solid business plan. You can check out additional resources so you don’t need to start from a blank sheet of paper. Start with this proven business planning structure and begin completing each section.

Who Benefits from the Training?

Whatever your goals are in life, this tutorial can help you attain them.

It’s developed so anyone including professionals and non-financial entrepreneurs can partake and quickly understand all the concepts. Among the groups of people who have taken this course are:

  • People looking at starting a new business that needs loan finance.
  • Those who require venture capital investment.
  • Existing businesses looking to expand into new markets.
  • Students of business studies courses at all levels.

Begin the Course Today

The course operates exclusively online, and you can get started right away.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or ways to enhance this service.