Business Planning Templates

Concept of strategy and vision

No matter what stage your business is at, you can download our most popular proven tools online for free. All templates are Microsoft Word compatible with additional guidance notes to aid completion to a professional standard.

These documents are already in use by over 120,000 entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and around the world.

They're primarily structured to secure bank loans although other investments are also satisfied. Browse additional tools, training courses, and downloads developed from our experience of assisting corporations at an enterprise level.

Business Plan Blueprint & Completion Guidance

Follow along with the Teneric consultants as they show you how to complete your plans in seven steps via email. This highly rated course has practical advice on how to complete each section including writing examples.

Your completed plan defines your success criteria from starting up to making a profit. Be specific and concise with the details of your document. Any potential investors may simply scan your summary rather than reading every page. Your financial forecasts are important as these show how you'll make money from your products.

Think about your target audience that could include investors, customers, staff, employees, and a personal check-list for yourself. You may need to adapt pricing or financial action plans to take account of confidential information.

Practical Guides

Below you'll find detailed guides on the information required before, during, and after you've started your business. These helpful articles help chart your progress through to successful completion.

Before You Start Writing

Before you put pen to paper, you should research your proposed marketplace thoroughly. Solid preparation makes it easier to finalise your plan quickly.

During the Development Phase

Once your background research is complete, the following guides assist in developing the most critical sections of your plan. Remember you may have to adjust any assumptions made over time as business plans are dynamic by nature.

Browse Our Products

If you need professional guidance at any time, then we're here to help you. Our full-time consultants have created a series of highly-rated products to make business planning a breeze.

Sales & Marketing Guides

Marketing should be at the heart of any successful long-term strategy. These guides help incorporate promotional activities into your DNA and hone your communication skills with your customers.

Marketing Development

Learn more about planning for customer growth, effective branding, product creation and pricing strategies. Sign up for the free online workshop to complete your nine core components in five step by step segments.

Grow Your Sales

Developing various sales channels to provide realistic but challenging targets requires careful planning and management. This proven sales template is vital for developing a selling organisation that out-performs your competitors.

Licensing Agreement

You're free to publish or circulate these documents to your friends and business colleagues under the standard Creative Commons licence terms. Please credit Teneric as the original author.