Business start-up resources

Business Start-up Guides and Resources

A lighthouse guiding a safe passageThe Teneric consulting team has started numerous successful small businesses over the past 35 years.

We've developed a range of guide to help budding entrepreneurs start and develop their own ventures.

Starting and running a successful business is not only hard work but requires careful planning.

We therefore always advocate that each person starting up should write a business plan in the first instance to aid your strategic decision-making.

Whether you want to validate the feasibility of ideas for long term success or require a bank loan, the planning requirements are the same.

Thinking of Starting a New Business?

The following guides are for people thinking of starting a new business or have a new start up and need some additional information to "fill in the blanks".

  • Thinking of starting up a new business?
    If you're thinking of starting your first venture, we show you how to start planning your ideas so you'll have a robust plan and maximise your returns.
  • Environmental planning
    This article shows how to minimise the impact your business has on the environment and the taxes now payable.
  • What are fixed costs?
    Every business has costs classified either a fixed or variable costs. This article concentrates on those costs that don't change over the long-term.
  • Registering your new company
    How to form and register a new limited company in the UK using online services from specialist agents. You can quickly set up a new company in a few hours.

Developing Your Business Longer Term

Use these ideas to help develop the profitability of an existing business. These guides will help improve the volume of customers but their lifetime value to your organisation.

  • Forms of advertising
    There are many options available to advertise your customer to get more customers. This guide takes you through what's available and a few example campaigns.
  • Keeping sales high in the summer
    The summer months tend to be slow for some businesses, but it doesn't have to be - here are some tips to boost sales.
  • Sales management techniques
    There are many ways to get sales - we discuss them all.
  • Improving existing business profits
    If you have an existing business in need of more revenues and customers, here are some pointers to improving your profits.