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Marketing Promotional Ideas and Tips

A marketing-led organisation pursues a strategy of developing products and services directly from their customers’ needs.

Listening to their requirements helps hone promotional activities by tailoring communications directly to the decision-making mindset.

Openly promoting your business to a wider market could end up communicating to consumers that don’t require your services resulting in wasted money.

Below are five marketing ideas that you can implement for free to target potential and existing customers into your sales funnel.

1: Speak at Industry Events

Every industry conducts paid or free events and training seminars each year that require experts to speak at their engagements.

Don’t be Afraid of Public Speaking

Although public speaking isn’t for everyone, it’s a great way for you to be a known expert in your field of expertise. If you’re new to public speaking, then it’s best to learn the trade.

There are training courses available to hone your public speaking skills. You’ll learn how to reduce nerves and produce a polished presentation.

The Demand is High for Qualified Professionals

The conference attendees want to advance their skill sets, and compelling presentations on aspects of your business are always in high demand.

Attend some events to understand the benefits of this communications strategy. Notice how the most accomplished speakers discuss their presentations and promote their company.

Becoming an Event Speaker

To become a speaker, you’ll either need to a direct invitation or contact the hosts directly. You can liaise with the organisers at this year’s conference for future opportunities.

Alternatively get someone to sponsor your proposal or make contact a few months before the next scheduled event.

Once you’re available on the speaking circuit, you’ll likely be invited to more over time if you’ve delivered a proficient pitch.

2: Promotional Leaflets and Flyers

Traditional direct mail with a personalised touch can work wonders for your campaign.

Laser-Targeted Communications

If you know exactly who your target customers are, then this campaign could generate significant results. You can prepare a simple flyer on your computer then hand-deliver them to homes and businesses in your local area.

Effective and Unique

Flyers and leaflets are one of the most effective methods of advertising local services. With the internet age, not many companies promote this type of opportunity. This form of marketing could be a unique way of introducing yourselves to new customers.

If you don’t want to deliver the leaflets yourself, then the Post Office will undertake this for you at cost-effective rates.

The Messaging and Follow-up Process

When you develop the message on your flyer, ensure you’re solving a problem your customer has. List the benefits you offer rather than primary features.

Once you’ve designed your flyer, why not ask others their opinion before you print and distribute them. Many of the large business forums will help you as well as friends and family.

You should also follow up with your prospects after you’ve delivered the leaflets. Some people need two or three contacts from you before they trial or use your services. You’ll also get important feedback for your services if you contact your potential customers directly.

3: Business Card Distribution

Everyone who runs a business should have up to date business cards with them at all times. These should contain your primary details together with a sales message and call to action. You can print cheaply on both sides of the card so make sure you use the space to your advantage.

Give your business card to everyone you meet as you never know when someone needs a service like yours. Rather than someone saying: “I know someone who offers that service, but can’t remember their details” they can hand over the card you gave them.

4: Become Your Industry Expert

Developing the expert angle for your executives opens up additional opportunities including magazine, newspaper, radio and television interviews. Once known as an industry spokesperson, you’ll always be the first to be contacted to provide opinion on breaking news and industry events.

Using the internet to syndicate your views and content spreads your voice and opinion to a much wider audience. This medium can help you progress to an accomplished practitioner online which could generate additional engagements within your industry.

It’s important to acknowledge any requests you receive for information and keep a record of contacts over the longer term.

5: Send out Press Releases

Announcing news, product innovations and industry events via press releases can provide significant benefits if handled correctly.

Journalists are always looking for unique reference points for their published articles.

Preparing the contents of your release is as important as the messages you want to convey. If you’ve never prepared one before, check the types of articles that have been picked up previously by the media and see why they’re newsworthy.

Just uploading your document on a press news site is unlikely to gain much traction. Specialist outlets can help make the right contacts. They’ll help your business appear across the media using their skills and knowledge of your industry.

If you undertake this yourself be prepared to contact the editors of publications you wish to appear in for maximum exposure. Most don’t respond well to unsolicited email.

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